Hiring A Marriage Counselor

Tips To Hire A Qualified Marriage Counselor

Simply Googling a list of best relationship therapists and blindly choosing one – if only it were that simple. In reality, there is no such thing as an overview of the best couples therapists. The success of couples therapy is of course influenced by the knowledge and skills of the therapist, but often depends mainly on the click between you. 

It is important that you feel comfortable as a couple and individually you want to feel heard and understood. Especially if that is what you miss with your partner. In that respect, it is especially difficult to find a good couples therapist. After all, the three of you have to be able to get along.

The best relationship therapist does not exist, the best relationship therapist for you does. He or she fits you well in lifestyle and character, has experience with your problems, and knows how to apply the right forms of therapy. 

How do you find him or her? To ensure the right match between the therapist and the client, couples therapists often paint a clear picture of themselves and their methods online. Checking carefully with yourself whether a therapist appeals to you is therefore half the battle.

When To Stop Marriage Counseling

The degree of problems and their treatment determine the duration of therapy. On average, weekly therapy lasts between 10 and 20 weeks. It is also possible to have bi-weekly sessions. After this period, certain changes should be visible. There are no real guidelines for how long you should be in therapy. This, as with all the different types of therapy mentioned earlier really depends on the nature and extent of the problems.

Some couples have the desired result after just a few weeks, some may take years to be content, and unfortunately, it also happens that the couple decides to go their separate ways in life after all. Relationship therapy is not a guarantee, but it is a godsend for many.

What Are The Advantages Of Attending A Marriage Therapy?

Relationship therapy can be used for:

  • Estrangement from each other
  • Depression
  • Sexual problems
  • Lack of intimacy within the relationship
  • Dissatisfaction with each other
  • Other problems

For couples therapy, you do not always have to be a couple. Sometimes your partner is not motivated for therapy or not yet. Even then relationship therapy is useful to see what you can do to change your relationship. 

Also for people who do not succeed in starting or maintaining a relationship, relationship therapy is useful. To explore your possibilities, to discover what you need, and to be able to open up for a satisfying and lasting relationship.

Perhaps you feel that you are stuck in an unhappy marriage. You may also have doubts, whether you should continue with him or her? Or do you keep running into the same kind of partner and want to break this pattern. In the relationship house, you get insight and clarity in the way you are in relationships and how you can change this.